Climate Shield: Total protection from the elements

Posted 21 September 2015

Climate Shield is the future of homebuilding

It may sound like something straight out of Star Wars, but in actual fact a Climate Shield is the combination of innovative technologies, manufacturing processes and design features. When applied together, Trivselhus by Esh’s Climate Shield provides buildings with the ultimate defence against extreme and varying climatic conditions.


Natural timber beginnings

The implementation of Climate Shield begins before the materials are even on site. Timber sourced from the sustainable forests of Sweden is shaped and treated to become a frame that has climatic resilience, as well as energy saving features, embedded into it. Created in factory conditions, these frames are made with extreme accuracy to ensure that every joint fits precisely and every seam is snug. This is an important part of eliminating draughts and providing an impermeable seal for the structure that will eventually become a beautiful home.



The frames are just the start. Triple-glazed windows are built into the fabric of Trivselhus by Esh homes to ensure that the structure is airtight. This not only ensures the home remains at a comfortable temperature (whatever the weather), but also avoids problems such as condensation and noise pollution.

During the planning stage of a build, Trivselhus by Esh homes are even orientated in accordance with the sun’s trajectory across the sky to maximise the benefits their triple-glazed windows can deliver.


Superior insulation

Mineral wool insulation at 240mm is another weapon in the Climate Shield’s arsenal protecting every Trivelhus by Esh home. Formed from volcanic rock, which is an abundant natural resource, mineral wool provides outstanding thermal insulation. It both reduces energy consumption during the colder months and prevents overheating in the summer. Mineral wool even offers superior acoustic properties and fire retardant qualities to standard glass wool insulation.


The little differences

Some aspects of a Trivselhus by Esh home utilize common sense and simplicity in a pleasing fashion. Just two examples of this would be the exterior doors and the letterbox.

All of the homes’ exterior doors are designed to open outwards. This means that when the wind blows, the seal between door and frame tighten rather than loosen. And as for the letterbox; there isn’t one. Building an airtight home using a Climate Shield design and then introducing a flap that lies open to the elements simply doesn’t make sense.


Climate Shield for life

Factory-controlled fabric-first building methods, triple-glazed windows, common-sense design and the use of top quality, high performance materials; these are the factors that define Climate Shield. But what does Climate Shield mean for those actually living in a Trivselhus by Esh home?

It means enjoying peace of mind; safe in the knowledge that the home’s technologies are working to maximize efficiency, reduce heating costs and, above all, ensure comfort. Whether a gale is raging outdoors or the sun is shining benignly in the sky, you and your family will always be able to make the most of your living space.


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Trivselhus Climate Shield