Interior design trends for 2016

Posted 01 January 2016

A New Year brings with it a new style and a raft of new trends. This week we are sharing what to look out for in 2016 and how you can stay ahead of the interiors game.

As stylish as 2015 was, it looks like 2016 will sweep in with some fresh, new trends for our homes. Gone will be the technologically overcrowded living room and shabby chic industrial vibe; instead we are told that the future will be filled with bursts of colour, shaping and features taking their place.

So, just what exactly should we expect for the next twelve months? Well, lets take a look at five of the top predictions for 2016's interior design trends:


Black metal

Black metals will be a big feature in the home in 2016. Not only can we expect more kitchen appliances and utilities, such as ovens and microwaves and washing machines, to appear in a stylish matte or stainless steel, but more and more incidental furniture will be welded. Not only is black metal furniture the perfect way to make key appliances into essential features of a room's design, but it will also help usher out the age of industrial chic, smoothing the rough edges and clearing away the faux-grime to leave stylish and functional pieces.


Traditional styles

It looks like designers are finally getting sick of hyper-modernisation and are instead going back to some of the more familiar and comforting styles of days gone by. Not only are traditional dining rooms coming back, complete with grand, family sized tables, but so too are some of our favourite textiles and styles. Expect to see tassels, frilling and plenty of other luxurious, familiar and traditional styles. Pattern enthusiasts also have reason to get excited for 2016, as it looks like the dominance of block coloured fabrics has reached an end.


Soothing shapes

It's fair to say that the modern house has been characterised by some pretty stark geometry in recent years, but 2016 is looking to smooth things over quite considerably. Say goodbye to pointed corners and angular designs, and say hello to beautifully rounded interiors instead. We'll be seeing a lot more curvature, especially in fitted signature furniture in bathrooms and kitchens, and less in the way of straight lines and box designs, helping to relax us more around the house and complement those open plan spaces that homes like Trivselhus by Esh now offer.


Bespoke furniture

Furniture shops are a great way to populate the bulk of your home but we all want that one piece of furniture in our home that nobody else we know has, something that is reasonably unique and 'ours'. It could be an antique, or something from an obscure website, but more and more in 2016 it will be something bespoke. Artisan furniture is set to be the next big thing as we buy tables, lamps, wall hangings and even patterns that have been designed especially for us. There'll be no more keeping up with the Joneses, just individualism in homes.


Fireplaces and feature walls

The not-so-humble television has dominated living rooms for the past couple of decades, with sets having grown in size to attract more eyes and dominate more wall space. 2016 sees the backlash begin in earnest though, with the fireplace taking back its rightful place as the focal point of the living room.

These aren't the marble and metal fireplaces you remember from days gone by though. Multi-fuel stoves are now in fashion in a big way, and they are offer a great feature in an energy efficient home like ours.


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