The must-have eco gadgets for your home this year

Posted 08 January 2016

Technology continues to advance at a breathless pace, filling the everyday with incredible ingenuity. But what should you be investing in for the year ahead? And can some of 2016's must-have gadgets actually save you money?

Sometimes technology is all about luxury; sometimes it can be full of gimmicks. And at other times, the latest gadgets can even help us to live in a more environmentally friendly way. At Trivselhus by Esh we love all three, so here are just some of the gizmos that you should be bringing into your home in 2016:


Charging surfaces

Smartphones and tablets are becoming a bigger part of our lives at home, with the whole family seemingly spending more and more time online and using apps. All of which not only puts a strain on battery life, but also plug sockets when everyone needs to charge their devices. With this in mind, charging surfaces look like the answer to our pug-in problems. Simply pop your phone on the table or worktop and watch as the battery replenishes.

There's no plugging in and attaching charging cables, just pick up and go charging. LG seem to be leading the field with their 'techtop technology' but it won't be long until other companies get involved and wireless charging really takes off.


Eco Shower Meter

Shower usage accounts for around a third of the 150ltrs of water used in homes every day. But the recommended amount of water per shower is actually only 35ltr. The Eco Shower Meter is the perfect way to keep tabs on your usage and know how much drenching is enough – perfect for those of us who easily lose track of time in the morning.

If your house is fitted with a water metre, you'll definitely want to look into this one as it will help you save money as well as being more ecologically friendly in the long run.



Wattson is a quietly ingenious invention. There's no electronic fanfare, no whirring and clicking parts to bedazzle and astound, just a simple piece of hardware that fills a very important purpose with ease.

Simply clip the transceiver between the fusebox and your meter and Wattson will tell you how much energy you are using. If you're more practically minded you can choose to see just how much energy you are using in pounds sterling and budget accordingly. The best thing is that if you want to see results immediately you just have to flick a few switches to the off position and watch as the bills slow down.



Marketed as the ultimate alarm clock, Beddi is a truly intelligent leap forward in alarm technology. Not only will it charge your phone overnight, but it's also linked to it via an app, allowing Beddi to access and integrate systems such as Spotify, Uber, weather and traffic reporting apps and smart home controls. It's less of an alarm clock and more of a life hub really.

Not only does Beddi do all that and tell the time to boot, but it can also wake you with a simulation of natural sunrise, rousing you in the most gentle and brain-friendly way possible.



File this one under 'head scratchingly clever'. The Nebia shower head uses what the company calls 'H2MICRO™ technology' to atomize ordinary water into millions of droplets, giving bathers 10 times more water surface area to get clean under than in a regular shower. Even better than that, the Nebia will help you save water by up to 70%. Apple CEO Tim Cook has already given the product his public backing so you can expect the Nebia to be a big deal when it hits bathrooms across the world.

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