Minimalism For Your Home: 5 easy steps

Posted 06 May 2016

Trivselhus hails from Sweden, so we love a beautifully clean, spacious, minimalist design. But there are plenty of benefits that make minimalism an objectively excellent choice for décor too.

For a start, a minimalist home can prove to be a lot less stressful as our attention is pulled in fewer directions, allowing the eye to pass around the house without landing on dozens of different objects. This also means that the home is easier to keep clean and tidy, freeing time for more productive or fun activities.

Minimalism is a way that you can ensure that your home remains chic, stylish and clutter free; whether you need to put your hand to important items more easily or whether you need to clear your head for a more zen-like lifestyle. They do say that a tidy room means a tidy mind.

So, how can you achieve minimalism in your home? Well, it's surprisingly easy if you follow these steps:


Keep the walls simply decorated

One of the hallmarks of a timelessly minimalist design is the presence of clean white walls. White walls not only look fresh and airy, but they also create space and enhance the natural light in any room. Painting the walls a shade of white is the clear first step towards minimalist joy, but that doesn't mean you have to keep them entirely bare. A few key pieces of artwork will really enhance the look, as they will pop from the wall to draw an appreciative eye.


Clear the floor

There's no point in having pristine walls if the floor is covered instead. The floor should be kept even more clear than the walls, without ornaments spoiling the lines. A wood floor or tiles will help provide the most beautifully spacious atmosphere whilst also proving to be much easier to clean. If you simply love the feel of a carpet under your feet however, a neutral tone will complement the calming atmosphere.


Display the essentials

It would be fairly difficult to hide every household item away behind secret compartments and cupboards so there are a few essentials that will need to stay on display. White goods are perhaps the best example, as well as entertainment systems. There are plenty of ways that you can help these blend in by making thoughtful colour choices and exploring display options such as wall mounting for TVs.


Know which decorations works

Part of the decluttering process behind embracing minimalism is knowing which pieces of furniture and decorations work in the context of your home's new look. Just because that vase was bought by your auntie as a house-warming gift doesn't mean it has to live on the mantelpiece forever. Be ruthless, be stylish and only keep out what suits your new aesthetic.


Use your space wisely

Above all, the key to minimalism is to use your space wisely and sparingly. Homes come in all different shapes and sizes, and unleashing the minimalist potential of yours means experimenting to see what works and what does not. You'll know when you find an arrangement that suits, and then you can start living your minimalist dream to maximum effect.

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