A study in concentration

Posted 22 May 2016

Working from home offers professionals the ultimate in job flexibility. In the 20th century the idea of waking up, rolling out of bed and booting up the computer in one’s pyjamas would have been unthinkable. But with an increasing number of people choosing to work for themselves and employers able to make remote connections a part of their business infrastructure, avoiding the daily commute is becoming a reality for more and more people.

To make working from home a pleasure rather than a chore, however, a bit of thought needs to be put into creating the right space. Forget lounging on the sofa with the laptop on a pillow; what any homeworker needs is a home office that’s a study in concentration.

Here are five tips to help you make the dream a reality:


Tailor your space to your job

Different jobs and careers demand different workspaces. An organised professional may require structure and uniformity in a room. Filing cabinets and in-trays may be needed in a room designed around clean lines and no distractions – all to help focus the mind.

A creative soul, on the other hand, may need a more relaxed environment with pictures and mood boards on the wall, trinkets on work surfaces and bookshelves heaving with a variety of literature.


Choose the right colours for focus

Believe it or not different colours cause different reactions in our brains, so it can be incredibly important to choose the right hue when it comes to decorating your home office or study. Calming and restful blues and greens are the most common colours found in nature, and as such improve efficiency and focus. On the other hand, yellow and orange are fresh and energising, while red has been found to raise blood pressure.


Choose the right desk and the perfect chair

If you're freelancing or just spending more time working from home, then you're going to be spending a lot more time at your very own chair and desk. It's important then that you find the right chair/desk combination for you. The desk must be able to fit in your room and not only accommodate the tools of your trade but also your legs. A good office chair meanwhile needs to be balanced toward practically, not too comfy to send you to sleep, but also not too uncomfortable to sit in for hours at a time. Be sure it supports your lower back, too, as pain and discomfort will do nothing for your concentration.


Find the right storage solutions

Depending on the nature of your work, there's a chance that you could have a large range of documents, tools and paraphernalia lying around your home office or study space. A little project-related clutter is all well and good, but pretty soon you won't be able to find what you're looking for at all. You need some storage solutions.

Creating space for your stacks of paper doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Whether it's a desk tidy, a set of free-standing drawers or something more creative like cupboards and shelving, there are a huge range of storage ideas that can accommodate almost anything you may need to put your hands on.


Feel cosy NOT claustrophobic

Whether you are self-employed or just a conscientious employee, it’s important that your workspace is able to get the best out of you. The perfect study is a place that is welcoming and entices you in but does not make you feel penned in. No one likes to feel imprisoned for eight hours at a time, so having plenty of natural light can be crucial to ensuring you do not resent your office space.


Luxury homes cumbriaNeed more inspiration? How about this stunning study from the Trivselhus by Esh show home in Brampton?