7 Ways To Make Your Home Greener

Posted 19 June 2016

Green is better. There’s no two ways about it, the need to look after our planet and our energy bills means that homes built in the 21st century simply need to drain fewer natural resources and help to safeguard the future.

While at Trivselhus by Esh we are committed to building low energy luxury homes that minimise a household’s dependence on burning fossil fuels, we also know that there are little changes that can be made to any home to improve efficiency and sustainability.

There are many changes, (some of which are subsidised) that you can make to your home. And with a few simple lifestyle alterations, you can adapt to a more positive, eco-friendly way of life.


1) Solar panels

This may be the most expensive alteration on the list, but they can also be an effective way of supplying energy to a home or commercial building. Although subsidies for solar photovoltaics have undergone significant change, the government does currently run a Feed-In Tariff, which can make it a cost effective option for households.

Solar panels can be installed on to homes with suitable roofing in order to harvest renewable energy from the sun in order to power your home. Although not all homes boast the insulation and low energy credentials of a Trivselhus by Esh home that make it possible to cover all regulated energy bills and even great an energy surplus, many homes across the country are able to see a significant saving.


2) CFL - LED Lights 

This green adaptation simply requires switching your old filament light bulbs to more energy efficient ones. The upfront cost of low energy lightbulbs may be higher than those of regular bulbs, but in the long term they can save significant sums of money. There are two different types of energy efficient light bulbs you can opt for: the Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb or the light emitting diodes (LED) bulb. Both are estimated to be 95% more energy efficient than incandescent light bulbs with a lifespan of years rather than months.


3) Recycle

The third way to live a greener life is by recycling. This requires very little effort but has a huge and lasting impact on the planet. Nearly all of your waste can be recycled in some way and instead of going straight to landfill make sure you know where your local bottle bank or recycling centre is.


4) Double/triple glazing 

Double and triple glazing on your windows may be costly but is well worth the initial investment. In traditional single glazed homes a huge percentage of the heat lost from a home disappears through the windows, which do not offer the same level of insulation as cavity walls. Upgrading your windows improves insulation in your home, which can help reduce the amount of energy used when heating or cooling down a home. This reduction in energy can also help to significantly reduce your energy bills and energy consumption.


5) Swap cars for greener transports

A good way to stay fit and be green is to swap your mode of transport. If your commute to work is a relatively short one, why not cycle instead? This change in lifestyle is great for both the environment and your health. If you do not think a pushbike will do the job, you could always look into investing in an electric bike.

E-bikes are great as they add power as you cycle making for a much easier and more enjoyable ride. Either way an electric bike or traditional bicycle is a great investment, if you can regularly substitute car rides for bike rides, then you are well on your way to a more eco-friendly home. Furthermore, cycling is significantly cheaper than running a car, allowing households to save thousands of pounds a year.


6) Switch off appliances at the plug

Switching off appliances at the plug socket will certainly help your green cause. From TVs on standby to smartphones on charge for longer than necessary, “Phantom” or “Vampire” energy is a problem that is only growing as households become ever more dependent on gadgets, technology and appliances. Estimates suggest that up to 10% of a family’s energy bills could be racked up by phantom energy.


7) Donate and buy from second hand stores

Thinking of having a clear out or looking for some new furniture, then make sure you check out second-hand stores first. Here you can grab yourself a bargain or donate your old stuff for someone else to enjoy. As the products are pre-owned you will be recycling and saving them from landfill.

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