Inspirational ideas for decorating your play room

Posted 04 July 2016

For those who prefer muted tones and minimalist interiors, or for the more daring designers who love to explore with colour, the children’s playroom or bedroom is a place to let your imagination run wild when it comes to interior design.  With creative Pinterest ideas aplenty, there are loads of ideas that can make rooms in your home magical and child friendly. Take a look at some of the best trending design features you and your little ones can enjoy in your Trivselhus home.


Reading corner

A reading corner offers the perfect secluded place for your child to settle down with a book they love in a cosy spot. Whether they are old enough to read alone or need you to snuggle down with them, creating a reading corner makes reading fun and exciting. Choose anything from an indoor tent with plenty of cushions, to a collection of beanbags placed in the corner with a blanket, and you’ll create an area that is perfect for lighting their imagination.


Imaginative lighting

Often, it doesn’t take any more than a collection of coloured lights or plug-in night-lights to add interest to a child’s playroom. Coloured lights can transform a room quickly without even the need for of a pot of paint or a paintbrush. Fairy lights and animal shaped night-lights can also make the dark more inviting in those winding down moments before bedtime.


Hand painted murals or wall stickers

A hand painted mural is the perfect project for ambitious decorators who are particularly handy with a paintbrush. A well-crafted mural can create a stunning design feature that can also add tons of personality to your children’s playroom. This is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your home that your child will love. Whether it be a fairytale castle, colourful woodland scene or another scene taken from the pages of their favourite book, a mural can create a really exciting space for play time.

For those of us who are less artistically inclined and with less time on their hands, wall stickers are easy alternative to a wall mural – and much less messy too! Wall stickers have become particularly popular due to their affordable pricing and ease.

With all sorts of designs available in high street shops such as John Lewis and Argos, you can switch up a play area in no time at all. If you are after something slightly more personal, there are many online stores like that offer custom-made wall art to make your child’s room extra special. With stickers ranging from £10 to £200, there are all kinds of wall art that will suit your home and budget.


Plenty of colour

There is no place better than a nursery or playroom to inject a spot of colour. Use vibrant rich hues and primary colours for a fun space for your children to play. If you are wanting a more calming atmosphere for a nursery or playroom, opting for pastel colours and subtle accents can create ambience.

If you are planning your makeover on a budget, layering colour though soft furnishings is a practical yet affordable way to add colour – no paint necessary. If you do want a splash of colour, painting furniture i.e. tables and chairs or shelving can add a little colour and a big impact.

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