5 throwback appliances every home should have

Posted 15 July 2016

It can be tempting to splash out on new appliances in the home. But after the initial thrill of using a new cold-press juicer, bread maker or spiraliser goes away, many appliances find themselves gathering dust on the worktop or even forgotten in the back of a kitchen cupboard.

Kitchen appliances can be more than just cumbersome, too. Many are high powered and have a significant impact on energy usage. So, for those who aren’t fortunate to live in a low-energy Trivselhus by Esh home where solar panels and energy saving technologies significantly reduce regulated bills, let us re-introduce a few of our favourite old-school kitchen tools.

Packed with charm and a traditional chic, industrial-cool, here are 5 electricity free objects every stylish eco-home should have pride of place on their kitchen counter.


Pestle and mortar

The humble pestle and mortar may seem like a prehistoric tool compared to modern day food processors, but there is never a more satisfying feeling in the kitchen than pulverizing herbs and spices by hand. Just as mixing by hand during baking is still preferred by many chefs, the good old pestle and mortar is considered to be the best way to release flavour in many dishes.

It may be the most primitive implement in the kitchen, but pestle and mortars also act as an important feature in the kitchen. Pay a little more attention to the type you purchase – be it wood or marble – and it can easily double up as an ornament on your windowsill.



Although the coffee machine is often considered a luxury kitchen appliance, many coffee connoisseurs actually reach for the classic cafetiere when making a cup of coffee. Some experts say that the filter coffee systems in electric coffee machines can affect the blend, meaning the little old cafetiere delivers a bolder, fresher and more authentic taste.

If you are debating whether to buy a coffee machine, why not opt for a cafetiere first instead. This much more affordable option also means you can afford to save a little money for those high quality ground beans. Offering quick, easy and deliciously beverages, a cafetiere not only reduces energy usage but also saves on space and reduces washing up.


Old fashioned tin opener

Electric tin openers are not only an expensive alternative to their manual counterparts, they can also be every bit as fiddly – and often slower to use. Like the coffee machine, an electrical tin opener is yet another appliance that takes up valuable worktop space. This isn’t advisable in a kitchen where space is at a premium and clean lines are preferable. Why not go a little more old-school with a handheld tin opener and enjoy the satisfying feeling of slicing through metal by hand.


Manual Juicer

Manual juicers are a great and versatile juicing implement for everything from baby food to dessert fruits, vegetables and particularly wheatgrass. While electric juicers are all the rage thanks to a string of celebrity diets involving juice cleanses, the traditional manual juicer has never lost its place in the kitchen.

The truth is that even some of the most powerful modern juicers find it difficult to squeeze stringy fibrous greens such as kale and wheatgrass. Eventually, motors burn out and blades blunt, resulting a much less pleasant end product. A manual juicer, however, is a much hardier tool. Just a bit of elbow grease is required to turn the handle and produce a satisfying reward. It is for this reason that many cafes and juice bars still find space for a manual juicer clamped to the work surface.

If you like the look and love the benefits of raw food juice, why not add one to your kitchen and give it a touch of industrial styling.


Apple corer

Whilst there are plenty of affordable and simple apple corers and peelers available to tuck into a kitchen drawer, there are also many more stylish options available too. Just as practical as an electric peeler and corer, traditional designs complete with an old fashioned wind handle make for a very appealing kitchen appliance that you would be proud to showcase in a luxury kitchen.

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