How to cut down on energy usage in your home this summer

Posted 22 July 2016

During the warmer summer months when the days are longer and the light lingers until late in the evening, energy usage in the home typically decreases. But there is still more that can be done to stamp out wasted energy and avoid “vampire power” being drained in the home.

Take a look at this list to see where you might be able to reduce your energy usage, saving your pocket and the environment.


1)   Reduce long showers

Although, many of us like to shower more frequently during the summer to clean away the perspiration that builds up with the higher temperatures, there is really little need for long, hot showers. A swift, cool shower will help keep the worst of the heat and sweat at bay for longer – and reduce the strain on the gas boiler or electric shower.


2)   Avoid electric fans

Electric fans can be seen as a lifesaver during the night when it is swelteringly hot. However, they are also a significant drain on energy. Before reaching for the fan, try opening windows, having a cool shower before bed or exchanging your duvet for a sheet. If all else fails, simply try to limit the hours you use your fan by turning it on directly before bed and turning it back off first thing after you wake.


3)   Do not turn lights on during the day

One of the most common reasons for energy usage this summer and pretty much all throughout the year, is down to people having their lights on. It is almost a natural thing to switch on the lights when you walk into a room, but take a second during the day to assess whether the extra light is really necessary or not.

Always ensure that curtains and blinds are open around the house before reaching for a light switch.


4)   Use BBQ when you can

BBQs and summers just go hand in hand, so why not opt to cook as much as you can on a BBQ. Using the BBQ instead of cooking inside will reduce and help you save on cooling costs, as you are not heating your home.


5)   Vampire power

Every year, the average UK household spends roughly £30 on leaving their appliances on standby. In fact, in some households filled with appliances and devices, it is thought that up to 10% of energy is wasted on putting power into electrical gadgets that simply don’t need it. This is known as vampire power or phantom energy.

An easy fix is to ensure that your TV and other electricals are always turned off at the wall when you have finished watching it. Similarly, once your mobile phone, laptop or tablet is charged, unplug it and give your power supply a rest.


6)   Dry clothes outside and not in a tumble drier

Tumble driers are among the most useful white goods in the home. And in the cold winter months they can be a life saver. However, when the summer months come around, it is the perfect time to let your clothes get back to nature and dry in the fresh air outdoors. The cost of energy bills for your drying can be significant over the summer months, so why not do your bank balance a favour and simply purchase a washing line instead. After all, the sun and wind cost nothing to use.


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