Why you should love kitchen rugs

Posted 29 July 2016

Kitchen rugs are no longer things of nightmares. In fact, they have actually becoming rather common in modern day kitchens. While the term kitchen rug may conjure up fears of an unhygienic, food-filled shag pile, rugs used in the right way can actually be a stylish and practical design statement.

Whether your kitchen rug is there to hide an ugly kitchen floor, add comfort to your feet as you pad through the home, or just inject a dash of colour, rugs can be fun and versatile.

Although the most popular reason for a kitchen rug is to hide a flooring that otherwise may be too expensive to replace, there are additional benefits that you may not have previously considered.


Dampening sound

Kitchen rugs are a great way to absorb noise. As the hub of the modern home, kitchens are almost always full of noise. It might be from the clatter of crockery, the bashing of pots and pans, the screaming of the kids as they run riot or even the dull sound of the dishwasher; either way, the solid surfaces in the kitchen can have a way of echoing any sound that you or your family create.

Adding a soft rug can have a significant effect on noise absorption, preventing sound from bouncing off the walls. This is particularly important if you love open plan spaces – as we do at Trivselhus by Esh – because reducing the number of walls should not mean that there aren’t any quiet spaces to be had.



Kitchen rugs also have a way of making your kitchen feel more homely and welcoming. You can choose to opt for a colourful, patterned kitchen rug that will break up your kitchen and soften the effect of your tiles or wooden floor.

Furthermore, a the rug can often add balance to a room, adding softness and shades to something otherwise rather hard and monotone. This softness makes it increasingly more inviting to socialise in so will turn your kitchen into a social space. Tying in your rug with the colours of your blinds, cushions or curtains elsewhere in your open plan living space can help give a sense of subtle continuity, too.

When decorating any space, it is important to combine textures and materials. Combining a mixture of metals, woods, fabrics and colours ensures that your room has depth and dimension. Adding a rug may be exactly the type of softness your kitchen needs. It also adds softness to your feet. If you love cooking and find you spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with foods, or just cooking fabulous meals then adding a rug will allow you to roam barefoot or in soft slippers.




If you are worried about the cleanliness of a rug in the kitchen then opt for a flat woven carpet rug. Flat woven carpet rugs are the easiest to clean and are a great option for kitchens. They are affordable and come in all types of colour and pattern.

Rugs will add an instant spark to your kitchen; brightening it up and making it feel more welcoming and homely. If you go for the vintage, antique or even tribal rug then whatever rug you choose is sure to give your kitchen that lived in quality and pop it might need.

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