5 ways country living can promote wellbeing

Posted 11 August 2016

If you are looking to move house, you might want to consider moving out to the country. Even if you’ve been a city slicker your entire life, here are five things that might just persuade you to think a little differently about the rural environment.


1. Open spaces

One thing that urban living seriously lacks is open, green space. As our urban areas become increasingly built-up, the simple pleasures of grassy fields and nature are lost. This is particularly concerning if you are considering starting a family as study after study has shown that an upbringing where children are free to run around outside is better for their health.

Being closer to nature benefits not just your physical wellbeing but also your mental health, as the peace and tranquility of country living is particularly calming.


2. Clean air

It is difficult to overstate the benefits of good air quality on our health. From respiratory illnesses to poor complexion, the effects of air pollution are wide ranging. Not convinced? In 2010, 3,389 deaths were attributed to air soot particles attributable to combustion engines in the London borough of Kensington & Chelsea, London’s richest yet also most polluted area.

Due to the lack of congestion – and as a result, the reduction in carbon emissions – the air in Britain’s countryside air is markedly cleaner. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, fresh countryside air can provide a much-needed reprieve from a number of health problems.


3. Longer life

It has been proven that country living extends your life expectancy. According to the Office of National Statistics, the more rural a life you lead, the longer you are likely to live. Country dwellers can live up to two years younger than their urban counterparts, claims the ONS study.

Other studies have suggested that wealthier people often live longer than poorer people, but the figures from the ONS show that people from a lower socioeconomic background living in the country still live longer than those in the city through a combination of air quality, increased exercise and a less sedentary existence. Who would have thought that something as simple as moving house could add years onto your life?


4. Sustainable living

Country living often presents more opportunities to live in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious manner. There is naturally a close proximity to farmers’ markets and local produce, as well as more green space for growing your own fruit and vegetables. Rural areas also experience lower crime rates and fewer deaths from walking, running or cycling accidents each year.

Additionally, many newer housing developments in the countryside use the ample space to create new builds which use energy in a much more sustainable way. For example, our own homes are designed to be incredibly low energy, and thanks to the solar photovoltaics located on the roofs are even capable of generating a surplus of energy. Find out more about our low energy technologies.


5. Strong sense of community

A final important way in which country life can promote wellbeing is the sense of community that comes with rural living. We’ve mentioned many times that the population levels in the countryside are much less dense than in the city, and this has the added benefit of making it easier for people to get to know each other.

Loneliness is a problem that particularly affects the older generation, but has also become more evident in younger people in recent years. Rural life could be the answer to this growing problem, as community spirit promotes a sense of belonging as well as a local support network.

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