5 places you should consider putting houseplants in your home

Posted 09 September 2016

Houseplants are one of the biggest trends in interior decorating right now. As minimalism and Scandinavian design seem not to be going out of fashion anytime soon, houseplants are the perfect accompaniment to these two styles. In fact, houseplants can suit any decorative style – as long as they’re placed in the right places.

Here are some suggestions on adding a little bit of life to the rooms in your home.


Living room

Other than the bedroom, we spend more time in the living room than anywhere else in the home. For this reason it’s crucial to get the design and décor spot just right. Plants can help to make a living space more cosy and welcoming, not to mention smelling fresh and pleasant.

Another advantage of adding plants to high traffic rooms is the role plants play in air purification. Aloe vera and snake plant are perfectly suited to rooms that are frequented by the whole family. The living room is also an excellent choice for houseplants because they often come with large windows, which allow for a lot of natural sunlight to help prevent wilting.



Some may think that this is an unconventional place for houseplants, but the bathroom is definitely an option to consider. Not only do the air purifying properties of houseplants come in particularly handy in this room, the plants themselves can also thrive due to the steam and humidity. If there is enough natural light – perhaps through a frosted glass window – then tropical plants can be right at home in your bathroom. They can also prevent your bathroom from looking too stark and clinical.



The kitchen is without doubt a place you want to feature some plant life. From herb boxes releasing delicious fragrances into the air, to brightly coloured flowers that can perk up any windowsill, no kitchen should be without a touch of flora.

For homeowners who don’t quite have the outdoor space for a vegetable patch or don’t have the time to tend a sizeable herb patch, there’s always the option of a window-box or herb planter.



Another great way to liven up the home is to feature a statement plant in the hallway or corridor. These spaces are great for plants that prefer shade, cooler temperatures and less water – think ivy or even fuchsias for this environment. Houseplants can save your hallways and corridors from looking too impersonal.



Last but not least, you should certainly consider placing some plants in the bedroom. Like the living room, this is sure to be a place that you spend a lot of time – even if you’re mostly asleep during it. For that reason, consider choosing plants that can aid restful sleep, such as jasmine, lavender or even chamomile. Fragrant plants like these, whilst also keeping your bedroom free from unpleasant odours, can also work to decrease stress and anxiety levels. The flowers of these plants are also very attractive and can certainly brighten up a room.  Also consider plants that do not need too much watering or fertilisation for the bedroom, as they can act purely as decorative additions and don’t require much care and attention.

Houseplants can thrive anywhere in the house, so why not add a few to your own home?