5 Scandi tips to cosy up your home this autumn

Posted 16 September 2016

The air is getting crisper, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colour. There’s no mistaking the onset of autumn, and cooler temperatures mean your home’s décor may need some tweaking in order to keep you warm this season.

Our Scandinavian neighbours are experts on staying cosy without sacrificing on style, so check out some of our top tips on keeping warm whilst staying cool.


1. Introduce natural fibres

This is our biggest tip when it comes to creating warmth in true Scandinavian fashion. Natural materials like wood can completely change a house’s vibe, bringing it away from the cold and clinical and making it appear much warmer. Natural fibres also allow you to keep a minimalist aesthetic whilst varying textures and adding intrigue – who said minimalism needs to be boring? Wood looks particularly attractive in the colder seasons, thanks to its naturally autumnal shades of tan and brown.


2. Add some metal

You might think that metal is a surprising suggestion for the colder months. But there are plenty of metals that can add a warming twist to the home. Shades of bronze, copper and gold are commonplace in nature at this time of year, and they will make an excellent addition to the home. It works particularly well as an accent throughout the home, whether it’s through metal handles, light fixtures, door knobs or taps.   


3. Rugs, bedspreads and throws

As any interior designer will tell you, layering can help to elevate a run-of-the-mill room to a truly stunning and welcoming environment. While you won’t need the extra layers around to keep you warm in a Trivselhus by Esh home – the Climate Shield ensures that – you may still want to give off the impression of cosiness. Tiled floors, particularly in the bathroom, can benefit from a soft rug or decorative bathmat to protect bare feet from the cold floor, while throws add a touch of dishevelled glamour to an otherwise immaculate home. Carefully placed decorative blankets on your sofa or bed can be stylish, too.


4. Clean out the fireplace (or get out the candles)

Wood-burning stoves are a mainstay in Scandinavian homes. Nothing says autumn like gathering the family around a crackling fire. If you are lucky enough to have a wood-burner then you will no doubt want to make the most of it as winter approaches, but don’t forget that accessorising your fireplace with candles can work well, too.

Although you won’t experience the same warmth, many candles situated close together can bring a soft ambiance to a home. Candles can be romantic or rustic, depending on your mood, and their orange light fits perfectly with other autumnal hues.

5. Try some new crockery

If you’re feeling cosy yourself, but find that your home is looking a little cold, it might be worth looking in the kitchen for some inspiration. Typical crockery, in plain white colours, serves its purpose – but is it necessarily attractive? Stoneware mugs and bowls have become increasingly popular for the warm, rustic vibe that they can bring to a kitchen. Hues of slate and chocolate are also popular for crockery, as well as geometric or otherwise non-standard shapes. Additions like these can bring a real sense of originality and personality to a room that is sometimes treated as a purely functional space.