Have you got too much furniture in your home?

Posted 28 September 2016

Once upon a time, having it all was a sought-after status symbol. Now, interior designers will often tell you that less is more. Transitioning from a life of clutter and collectables to Scandinavian-style minimalism is not an easy task – but here are a few pointers to steer you in the right direction.


1. There isn’t a clear path through your house

This is a big indicator as to whether or not you have too much furniture. If there’s no clear walkway from the front door through to the next few rooms, or even from one end of a room to another, then it could well be time for you to cut down on the furniture and finishings. We would say that a path is only “clear” if you don’t need to squeeze yourself through it – having to turn yourself sideways or clamber over things is another sign that there’s too much furniture in your way. It is likely that you might have become used to shimmying through the house, so try inviting a friend over and asking for their honest opinion if you’re not sure.


2. You can’t decorate to a theme

You might have interior design aspirations, but it can be hard to realise them in a cluttered home. When your furniture clashes with each other, scaling back and simplifying will allow a theme to make itself clear – or give you room to create a new one. Furniture in different styles works wonderfully in many homes, but does require an element of forethought to prevent the space from becoming too busy. In fact, too much furniture in varying styles can stifle your creative energy rather than giving you the freedom to decorate (and redecorate!) as you wish.


3. You have no room for new things

If you have grand plans for the redesigning of your home, you’ll almost certainly be looking to buy some new furnishings. But if you find there’s no space in your room for any new additions, it is a sure sign that you need a clear out first.

Clearing out your excess furniture could leave you with all the space you need to make those new purchases stand out.


4. Your storage solutions aren’t fit for purpose

Wardrobes, drawers and other storage solutions are a great addition to any home. Having said that, there are a number of reasons why they might not be working as well as they should. Jam-packed wardrobes and drawers can be very difficult to open and close, meaning that some of your belongings are relegated to dusty and hard-to-reach depths.

If you are lacking space and need to push your furniture closer together, this can also pose a problem with access to your storage. If there is no way to place your storage solutions within a room so that they can be properly accessed, the best option might be to get rid of one item altogether. You can then reassess which items you are storing and whether or not you really need them.


5.You aren’t comfortable

Above all, you need to be comfortable in your home. If you’re finding that the level of furniture produces an oppressive, even claustrophobic atmosphere, then scaling back could do wonders for both your home and your mood. You can sell, donate or even repurpose your additional furniture into something more useful. The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to transitioning to a more minimalist lifestyle.

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