The Minimalist’s Guide to the Festive Season

Posted 22 December 2016

According to a recent study by RetailMeNot, the average UK household is expected to spend just over £473 on gifts this year, which far exceeds the figure spent by our European cousins. Across the Channel in France, the average spend is just £273.48 per household, for example.

However, by being smart and practical you don’t have to fall into the trap of overspending or giving a boring gift that will actually sit in a corner gathering dust for the months ahead. Embrace a simpler way to live this Christmas, save pounds, not pennies, when gift giving, and do your bit to reduce waste over the festive period.


Spend time not money this Christmas

The company of you and your loved ones is a far more treasured gift than purchasing cheap stocking fillers that more than likely end up in the bin come the New Year, but this doesn’t mean rolling up to your loved one’s door exclaiming that their gift is YOU! Give experiences by organising a group event such as a cooking class, craft workshop or family walk to offer a gift that your family or friends will certainly remember.

Giving your time to a charitable cause this Christmas is a great way to spread the festive cheer that bit further, so consider giving something back, whether it’s a donation or a day of volunteer work, in the name of your loved one.


Get green fingered when giving gifts

Presents that grow are a beautiful and lasting contribution to a loved one’s home or garden. In fact, plants not only look great, they are also proven to boost the health, calmness and happiness. Potted herb garden gifts are growing in popularity, particularly for city dwellers who don’t have access to a garden, whilst bright floral plants add a touch of beauty to any indoor or outdoor space.


Craft something unique

Generic decorations are ten a penny, especially during the festive season. But creating your own personalised décor additions is one sure-fire route to lovely and thoughtful gifts. The process of creating such gifts is also an excellent experience to share with your children, as everyone can get involved to create that special gift for granny, grandad, auntie, uncle or other family members. Making your own wreath is a simple way to use natural materials and create a gorgeous gift, whilst homemade candle holders are something that will last for years to come.


Head to the kitchen for your own bake off

Shows like Masterchef and The Great British Bake Off have inspired a new generation of home cooks, so why not put your cooking skills to the test and create something to eat for your loved one this Christmas? From healthy foods like golden honey granola and hearty staples like homemade bread and butter to sweet treats that won’t last past Christmas Day like cookies, cakes and macaroons, whipping up homemade food gifts is a guaranteed way to wow this Christmas.


Buy a gift that will get used

Whether it’s buying your loved one a book that they’ve been dying to read for a while or a top that they’ve had their eye on, purchasing a gift that will get used is the primary objective for any would be Christmas minimalist. So many gifts are wasted at Christmas but by being upfront and asking what your loved one wants or needs you will avoid this fate for your present.


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