What Swedish living could mean for you

Posted 30 August 2015

Swedish living is about simplicity and elegance; contemporary spaces that flow easily, utilising natural materials and brilliant daylight to create true comfort with a luxury finish. 

In order to achieve this high standard of living, the Swedish approach begins with exquisite design and a genuine respect for the environment and sustainability. This is a nation where looking after the natural world and providing beautiful homes for growing families are not seen as mutually exclusive endeavors. Rather, the Swedish work towards these objectives simultaneously, an area in which Trivelhus has proved its expertise and commitment again and again. 

Now, UK homebuyers can choose the clean, modern and spacious pleasure of Swedish living as Trivelhus by Esh homes bring that combination of design excellence and dedication to sustainability to British shores. 

A dedication to sustainability 

Sustainability is more than an added bonus in Trivelhus by Esh homes; it is a core element of both the buildings’ construction process and their ongoing purpose as family dwellings. The very fabric of the buildings is created using sustainably harvested timber supplied by Sodra, a Swedish forestry commission. Additionally, the company strives only to use factories and sites that prioritise careful waste management to further reduce its overall carbon footprint. 

Intelligent design and a refusal to compromise on sheer quality at the very earliest stages puts all the elements in place for a sustainable future. From the airtight walls to the triple-glazed windows, the pioneering heating systems to the solar photovoltaic system and the AAA energy saving appliances, no detail is overlooked in the quest for sustainability. 

Life’s daily pleasures 

All of these features, once you’re living in a Trivelhus by Esh home, simply become part of life. It’s so easy to enjoy the peace-of-mind they provide, as well as the practical conveniences and the financial savings. However, it will be the wide, open plan living spaces that you’ll relish day-by-day. Filled with air and light, these generous rooms liberate families to enjoy life in the Swedish way, without boundaries or barriers. 

The architecture is also uniquely flexible, changing shape and adapting to meet every families’ specific needs. Extra reception rooms can become studies as children become teens, or guest rooms when extended family visit. These are homes that develop and adapt seamlessly to meet families’ evolving needs, providing an exceptional environmentally sustainable home with dramatically minimised running costs, stunning aesthetics and a welcoming ambiance, every step of the way. 

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