Keep a Calmer House in 2017

Posted 31 January 2017


Everyone wants to live a peaceful and more tranquil life. Life after all is chaotic at the best of times: work, relationships and children are just some of the things that can keep your mind occupied and your temper hanging by a thread. But with a few tips and tricks you can create a sanctuary for you and the rest of your family, whatever today’s hectic world throws at you. Follow these golden rules and become one step closer to a happier and calmer household.


Create a calming entrance

Most of us just love the feeling of coming home, whether it’s to escape the madness of the working day or after a long day out with the family come the weekend. For a lot of people however, the hallway of the home is far from a welcoming sight with the coats, bags, shoes and clutter of everyday life more apparent here than anywhere else. 

It’s so easy for the entrance of your home to become a glorified dumping ground, after all you’re only passing through, but being greeted by disarray every time you walk through the door can have a bigger impact on your wellbeing than you think.

Organisation is the key to creating calm in the entryway of your property, so make sure everything has its place courtesy of some stylish and functional storage solutions. From coat and umbrella stands to hat and key hooks, storing those essentials is easy with the right set up in place.


Don’t banish the mess completely

This tip goes against many feng shui mantras, but it’s important to recognise that life creates mess, especially if you have children. Don’t banish the mess from your home completely, instead make a place for it – just one place! No one has a spotlessly clean abode, unless they spend their time cleaning and decluttering around the clock. Whether it’s a mud-room (ideal if you spend a lot of time outdoors), creative station or homework hub, these messy zones will keep things homely yet orderly, without you having to undertake a major spring clean. 


Think smart when storing

Anyone can purchase and install a huge closet for their storage needs, but storing your belongings the smart way is where it counts, particularly when stowing away the items you need on an everyday basis. Say no to cluttered corners, stuffed shelves and over congested cupboards whilst making sure everything is to hand by organising your storage furniture. Adding turntables, smaller storage boxes and storage racks inside cabinets will ensure the big hunt for what you need there and then isn’t so daunting. 

Rolling carts are also a great investment, especially if you find the task of decluttering an ongoing challenge in your household. Paperwork, craft supplies, post and even children’s toys can be simply rolled under a table or closet when not in use.


Remember the little touches

While many articles advise on de-cluttering to the extreme, adding the little touches to your home interior is what you need to create a calming vibe throughout your house. Fresh flowers are a beautiful and simple addition to any room, providing an injection of colour to bland décor and promoting a feeling of serenity that you just can’t beat. Putting souvenirs that remind you of good times on display can also help to create harmony throughout your living space.


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