Weekend Plans that Don’t Involve Leaving the House

Posted 15 February 2017


Winter is the one time of year where having a few lazy days at the weekend isn’t something to be ashamed of. Whether you are staying in because of the gloomy weather or just trying to save up after an expensive festive season, a weekend in doesn't have to be dull.

Here we take a closer look at just some of the activities you can try out at the weekend, no matter what your age.


Dig out your favourite board game

Board games are a classic activity to enjoy on rainy and snowy days, and with an endless array of games to choose from you’re always guaranteed to find a board game you enjoy, whether you are playing with family, friends or the kids. If you don’t have a favourite board game, why not create your own? There are so many game ideas, from the one-word story to improvised poetry, that require no props but result in maximum fun.


Be an even bigger kid

If you are enjoying a lazy day with your children, chances are a board game will keep them enthused for the best part of half an hour, but variety can be found by becoming a big kid yourself! An indoor treasure hunt is the perfect way to keep the kids and the adults thoroughly entertained, make it even more of a challenge by providing cryptic clues for each participant.


Create your own spa experience

Pamper yourself during the weekend by creating a spa experience like no other. There are several DIY spa treatments you can try to create a thoroughly relaxing day — an added luxury to enjoy even when the purse strings are a little tighter.

Even if you don’t have any luxurious bath products to hand, with the right ingredients you can make your own blends and find inner peace in the comfort of your own home. Use old rose petals to create a homemade rose water toner – all you’ll need are two cups of hot water to generate a sweet perfume.  

Raid the food cupboard and fridge and combine natural yoghurt, honey, fruits and vegetables to make a hydrating face mask — the perfect remedy to the dry and tired skin that can become a problem during the cool, winter months. Those with a sweeter tooth can also make their own body scrub with a mixture of brown sugar, oatmeal and olive oil.


Plan the perfect movie marathon

Snuggle up on the sofa and indulge your love of film with a classic movie marathon. Decide what you will watch in advance, and choose two films to watch back to back. Need a theme? Why not base your choices around your favourite actress or actor. And if you’re settling in with the whole family, don’t forget to buy in a few tasty sharing snacks in advance.


Enjoy the great indoors

We’ve all camped in our back garden at some point in our youth. But what about when the weather isn’t so favourable? Camping indoors is a fun way of making the home a more magical place for you and the kids. Creating a den to spend the night in with a sheet or canopy. Next, bring down the sleeping bags, pillows and airbed to make the floor that little bit more comfortable, before dimming the lights. While you won’t want to light a fire in the middle of your living room floor, a hot chocolate and some marshmallows can still conjure up the right kind of camping flavour.


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