5 Tips for Fully Utilising Your Utility

Posted 24 February 2017

The utility room is the unsung hero of the home. The curse of the utility room seems to be that it gets resigned to a messy, cluttered room that houses dirty clothes, cleaning products and any unwanted items that soon get forgotten about.

However, having a utility room is an opportunity to create an extra, pleasant space in your home. You might spend a lot of time in your utility room sorting through clothes or doing other daily tasks, so why not make it a place that’s enjoyable to be?

Here are five ways to utilize your utility room:


Give it some flair

Never tell yourself that just because it’s a utility room that means it’s not worth decorating. Be bold with colours and themes in order to make your utility a fun and pleasant place to spend time. Pastel colours and pale countertops create a bright, open feel, whereas blues and whites go well with wooden storage rails to create an almost nautical theme. 


Use the Ceiling

When thinking about how to make the most of a space, never forget to look up. Incorporating the ceiling into your storage plan can make all the difference, and the utility room is no exception. A clothes-horse fitted to the ceiling, especially one which you can pull down, means that the utility room doesn’t become completely useless whenever you have clothes to dry. If your utility has a high ceiling, be sure to use this extra space to increase your storage and free up room from the floor to eye level.


Incorporate Open Shelves

The instinct with clutter is to hide it away where no one can see it. But in actual fact, introducing open shelves to your utility can provide you with a golden opportunity to brighten up the space and inject some fun into it.

Open shelves let you put your more attractive items on display, making the space more interesting, as well as allowing you to fill the shelves with storage boxes – another opportunity to have fun and be creative. Using different coloured boxes is an easy way to brighten up the room.


Create a Utility Zone

Some of us don’t have a separate utility room, but rather an area of the house (often off the kitchen) designated for the kinds of daily tasks we associate with a utility room – such as washing, hanging clothes, cleaning, and storage.

One way to make the most of this area is to differentiate this space and make it feel like a separate area with a different purpose to the rest of the kitchen. By painting the walls a separate colour, using panelling, or even using a physical object like a screen, you can introduce the utility area as its own space. This makes it look more like a conscious design choice and less like a functional necessity.


Use Racks and Rails

Racks and rails are a godsend for anyone with a lot of things to store and not many places to store them. Wall-mounted racks will allow you to keep the space of your utility whilst also giving you more storage options. You can even incorporate these racks into the design of the room, as hanging rails are a good way of creating a more vintage, personal feel.

These are just some examples of the different directions you can take your utility room in. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. 

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