Can the right décor really put you in a better frame of mind?

Posted 10 April 2017

It’s true. Decorating your room in the right way won’t just look good, it can also influence your happiness and your overall mental state.

Mental health awareness is on the rise in the UK. In fact, £115 million a year is currently invested into mental health research, according to leading mental health charity Mind. There are, of course, a huge number of factors that can affect an individual’s state of mind. But it is worth noting that there is plenty you can do at home to make it a positive, fun and generally pleasant place to be. After all, if your home isn’t a sanctuary and a place you look forward to spending time, there’s something wrong!

According to research published in Psychology Tomorrow, there are a few things in particular that you should be aware of as they can have a significant impact on our mood and mental state. Here are a few you might want to try yourself.


It's all about being organised

You know the saying “tidy desk, tidy mind”? Well apply that to your entire home.

Nothing drains your mood more than a cluttered, untidy home. It can make you feel lethargic, depressed, and exhausted – partly because you know you’ll eventually have to tidy it up.

Try investing in some attractive storage units to hide away some of the clutter, and dedicate a few hours to having a really good sort out of all the junk you have lying around. Be strict with it – if you haven’t looked at it or used it in six months, you’re unlikely to ever use it again.

This will help give you a sense of control, and allow you to experience the sensation of decluttering the things which aren’t necessary in your life.

And it’s the perfect time to do it – we could all do with a good spring clean every now and then!


Try bringing the outside in

Using nature in your décor is a great and simple way to give your home a fresh and inspiring vibe.

Feng shui encourages the use of natural elements in the home like fire, water, earth and air as it’s thought to bring us closer to nature – and different elements possess different qualities. Plants and greenery make us feel more positive; water features are calming; wooden furnishing increase feelings of personal growth; metal accents promote strength and fireplaces make us feel cosy and relaxed.


Colour can make a huge difference

Choosing the right wall colour can make a huge difference to your home and to your mood, too. The human brain views some colours as positive and some as negative. Research suggests that light, bright colours boost our energy and feelings of optimism. Yellow and orange shades help increase feelings of relaxation and creativity, whilst blue and green are calming and soothing.

Of course, brighter isn’t always better. A lurid shade of yellow or green may not achieve the sophisticated, calming feel you want and so it is often worth considering pastel colours for a softer finish instead.


Let there be light

A light, airy house can do wonders for your state of mind. You need only look at conditions like Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) to see how integral daylight can be to quality of life. There’s a science behind this, too – light increases our release of serotonin, which is our natural happiness drug. This can make us feel more energized, more creative, and all-round more positive.

So open those curtains, pull back the blinds and let as much natural light in as possible!

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