The joys of energy efficient living

Posted 01 September 2015

The cost of heating and powering the home is a constant concern for the modern family. Fluctuating energy prices, confusing tariffs and the odd unscrupulous energy companies all contribute to the uncertainty. 

As Autumn draws in and the temperature begins to drop, families around the UK will no doubt be attempting to save power using a combination of DIY insulation, draft excluders and warm clothing to prevent a dramatic increase in their heating bills. 

Most homes simply aren’t built with energy efficiency in mind. However, those that are designed to use energy intelligently deliver excellent lifestyle benefits, affording those living in them a superior level of comfort, environmental peace-of-mind and financial savings too. 

Trivselhus by Esh homes use the latest technologies to ensure energy efficiency is optimised and bills are dramatically reduced. The very fabric of the timber frame buildings is highly insulated, boasting both airtight membranes and triple glazed windows. 

Solar Photovoltaics harvest the energy of the sun (whether or not it’s shining bright!), processing it to power appliances and lighting without the need to draw from the grid. The lights themselves are low energy, using just a fifth of the power of conventional incandescent lights. 

During the icy winter months, reliable, efficient heat is as big a concern in Sweden as it is in the UK. That is why Trivselhus by Esh homes’ multi-pronged approach to keeping homes cosy is such great news for British homebuyers. A Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery System (MVHR) pulls warm, moist air from the bathroom and kitchen, passes it through the building’s duct system to a heat exchanger and distributes it to other rooms. 

Meanwhile, underfloor heating delivers warmth from the feet upwards on the ground floor and via modern radiators in upstairs rooms. The heating system also uses an Air Source Heat Pump to capture outdoor heat, which is pumped through the home’s heating system. For an extra element of welcoming winter snugness, homebuyers can also choose to have a log-burning stove installed. 

All this means that moving through a Trivselhus by Esh home’s elegant, open-plan spaces is a pleasure, with no shifts in temperature to make you shiver. Even in deepest winter, these homes cocoon their inhabitants from extreme weather conditions. External doors are completely airtight and appliances are selected for their ‘A’ rating energy saving capabilities. In fact, every detail has been given clever consideration to make living in a Trivselhus by Esh home an effortless, comfortable experience. 

These stylish, efficient homes represent a marriage of environmental sustainability and contemporary, high-end living. It’s now an accepted truth that legislation concerning carbon emissions and the depletion of fossil fuels will become ever stricter in years to come. Those who invest in a Trivselhus by Esh home can rest assured that they are already playing their part in the move towards a sustainable, low-emission lifestyle for the 21st century.

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