Why lighting is key to good décor

Posted 18 April 2017

Here’s how you can add bright lights and sparkle to your home with confidence...

It’s been a long time since lights were used in the home purely for illuminating rooms. From as early as the 15th century, chandeliers have adorned the ceilings of homes to add style and elegance. When done right, lighting can bring a room to life in a myriad of ways. Whether you want to instill a sense of calm, create a romantic atmosphere or make a space fun and funky, lighting is key.

You might not think much about light features when considering how your home is displayed, but trust us when we say it can make all the difference.

What different kinds of lighting could you be using?

The world of interior lighting is far broader and more varied than you might think. It’s not simply about deciding whether to go for a ceiling light or a standard lamp – there’s a whole range of options out there to bring excitement, class and fun into your home.

Decorative wall sconces are one option. These give off a softer, less direct light than most ceiling fixtures, and can tone down the harsh, bright light of a powerful bulb. You can use these lights with other wall fixtures too, and be sure to tailor them to the rest of your home’s décor.

Floor lamps add a touch of class, tradition and homeliness to any space and can help brighten up gloomy corners that ceiling lights just can't reach. You can also use accent lighting to emphasise the rest of your room’s furnishings, and to highlight a specific area where you want the focus to be – whether it’s a selection of picture frames or a statue.

Containing light within bookshelves or little nooks can also be an effective way of playing with the light in your home. The shadows cast can give an added sense of depth or even give the impression of a different shape to a room. 

What lights suit each room?

You should always use lighting individually, and tailor it to your house’s décor and to your tastes. However, here are some ‘jumping off’ points to get you started – you can’t go wrong with these tips.

Let’s start with the big boss of lighting: the chandelier. Chandeliers can be beautiful and elegant, but only if you handle them correctly. Make your chandelier something truly special by saving it for the dining room or another large space, adding a slice of pure decadence. Whatever room your chandelier is in, it should be a stand-out feature.

Another excellent lighting feature to incorporate are dimmers. Use these in bathrooms for a boutique hotel atmosphere. Long hallways can be effectively lit by repeating the same ceiling fixture every few feet, bringing drama to your entranceway. 

For rooms with low ceilings, opt for shorter, wider lights to give off the best glow. You can also use strips of LED lighting under kitchen cabinets to generate the aura of a professional kitchen.

Pendant lights also look great in the kitchen, especially over breakfast tables or kitchen islands. And, if you want to make your home truly dazzling, try placing short, round pluck lights inside glass cabinets and turn your humble abode into a show home. 

And don’t forget to keep it low energy!

At Trivselhus by Esh, we believe in pursuing energy efficient solutions to lighten the load on your wallet, and the environment. Not only are our Swedish-styled open plan homes light and airy during the day – they also feature the latest low-energy LED lights to keep electricity bills to a minimum.

Thankfully, LED lights now come in a range of different options. So, going low energy no longer has to mean keeping things plain and simple.