The biggest décor trends for summer 2017

Posted 15 May 2017


Summer is just around the corner, so what can you do to prepare your home for the coming season?

Summer is hot on spring’s heels and that means enjoying the sunshine, catching up with friends and hosting a few summer shindigs that everybody will be talking about.

So it’s important to make sure your home is summer-ready. If you’re planning on hosting a party this summer, or even just want to give your home a fresh look, there are some surprisingly simple and effective ways to do it with style. It’s time to make your décor decadent for the summer and be proud of your interior design.

A touch of pink and some minty freshness

Baby pink and mint green are two shades that are definitely in for the summer. They add a dreamy, light quality to any room. Little touches sprinkled throughout a space create a sense of both calm and child-like delight.

Bold botanical prints

Go wild and unleash your inner nature-lover with some bold botanical prints. Tropical images of leaves, flowers, trees and fruit printed on cushions can add some much-needed playfulness to your living room. Go for clashing designs for an even stronger effect.

Wonderful woods

This season, ditch your plain wood furnishing and opt for a few charred wood pieces instead. Black wood is dramatic and bold, and really helps show off the wood’s natural grain and flow to create a thrilling sculptural edge. 

Go rustic chic with weaves

Basket and wicker weaves are back for the summer, and can really give your home an effortless, boho feel. Pick furniture which combines rattan patterns with a simple silhouette and soft fabric. It’s particularly effective for your outdoor space or conservatory.

The future is metal

Although metallic finishes have been a staple of home décor for several years now, this summer is also about introducing them more subtly. Opting for more distressed metallic materials gives your home a natural, rustic vibe. You can even go for metals in different shades like rose gold, bronze and brown.

Trippy translucent materials

Chairs and sofas with white, almost translucent fabric can lighten and brighten up your home, whilst also creating a striking, otherworldly atmosphere that will really make people take notice.

Hazy, barely-there colours

Don’t stop at baby pink and mint. Using an entire palette of pastel shades to decorate your home makes for a calming, dreamlike space which really catches the eye. Soft patterns combined with touches of pearlescent light give the constant sense of early morning comfort.

Touchable textures

When choosing textures for your furnishings, consider all your senses. Go for textures which not only look good, but feel good too. Fabric which makes you want to reach out and touch it creates a tangible sense of luxury.

Break the rules!

When it comes to décor, the best rule is that there are no rules. Trust your gut and don’t be afraid to go bold. Clashing patterns, bright shades, decorative clutter – all these things, when brought together well, can make your home a pleasure to spend time in. Bring together unlikely friends like pleated patterns, leopard print and metallic textures for a truly stunning atmosphere.

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