How to hang artwork to make your guests go wow!

Posted 06 June 2017

Art can improve any home’s décor, so how can you display it with maximum impact?

No room is complete without a few pictures on the wall. By thinking outside the box you can go one step further and create some amazing displays that will really get your living spaces some attention.


Stack ’em up

Our homes are built up of tall walls and yet we only seem to hang pictures along one level. Switch things up by stacking pictures on top of each other in a stunning tower of art, making for a really interesting display for guests to ponder. This technique works particularly well if you choose pictures of all roughly the same style and size, such as a series of black and white prints.


Master your frame game

An artwork is only as good as the frame it’s displayed in. Even the most mundane work of art can be turned into a showstopper with an interesting frame that catches the eye. You can even forego a traditional frame altogether and opt for canvas pieces or wall stickers instead – these are a great option for children’s bedrooms.


Banish blank spaces

You can use wall art to fill in the blanks and compensate for discrepancies in scale. For example, if you’ve got a short, wide sofa positioned next to a tall bookcase, use some pleasant pieces of art to fill in the space above the sofa and make the difference in height less noticeable. Why have a blank wall when you can have an interesting piece of décor instead?


Embrace the weird factor

Artwork doesn’t have to just mean landscapes and portraits. Any interesting object can be turned into décor if you can find the right home for it, so don’t be afraid to embrace the stranger side of decorating and make your home really stand out. Antlers, tree bark, knick-knacks from the local market — they can all work wonders if used effectively.


Create a ‘view’

For some reason, many of us are under the impression that we need to spread out our frames. But why not try doing the exact opposite and pick just one wall for all of your artwork to live? This will create a view to be admired. It’s particularly effective when using images that almost go together as one larger piece, such as lots of beach or forest landscapes.


Keep it informal

Throw away the rulebook of hanging artworks and go for a more informal style to help your home stand out from the crowd. One technique is to start in the middle of a wall and work outwards, creating a butterfly effect of stunning pieces. You can put pieces at different eye levels, in a corner, or even positioned together to form a shape.


Go large!

Don’t be afraid to go big when choosing artwork. Your guests are sure to be wowed by a piece that’s on a bigger scale than the rest of the room.


Don’t overthink it

When it comes down to it, choosing your art and sprucing up your home décor is all about suiting your tastes and having fun. Don’t get bogged down with what angles work best or whether that artwork would look better in a central position or slightly to the left. Trust your instincts and display your pieces in a way you like. If your home reflects you and your style, your guests are sure to love it.

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