8 ‘out there’ ways to decorate your home

Posted 21 June 2017

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries! 

We all want to feel proud of our homes, and for them to look nice. We put effort into creating rooms that we can enjoy spending time in. But we also want our homes to stand out from the crowd, and for guests to take notice of how effective our home décor is. That’s why we shouldn’t be afraid to push the boat out when it comes to interior design, and opt for décor choices which we may not have thought of straight away. Transform your décor and make your home both elegant and unique.

Mismatched mirrors 

You needn’t spend a fortune on making sure every mirror in your home is perfectly matched. In fact, mirrors which clash and contrast can have a much more striking and exciting effect. Hunt through vintage shops and garage sales to find some truly unique items, and add some real character to your décor. Even peeling or damaged mirrors can add something special to a room.

Large lamps

Go large with your lamps, and by large we mean LARGE. You can now get oversized anglepoise or desk lamps that really stand out. Not only will they add a huge amount of light to a room, they also act as a talking point for guests. Being both quirky and elegant, these oversized lamps are a much more exciting alternative to a regular ceiling light fixture.

Ditch the dull drapes

Curtains can add a lot to the feel of a room, so ditch any plain boring curtains in favour of a more exciting design. They could be brightly coloured, or patterned with an eye-catching print that livens up a space. You can also include a little decadence in your boudoir by adding drapes to a four-poster bed. Opt for simple white linen for a dreamy, romantic vibe.

Homemade happiness

You don’t need to spend a fortune on furniture when it comes to revamping your home décor, you can just make it yourself! Let your creativity run wild and get making. Even if you’re not confident in your ability to fashion large items of furniture, you can still create knick-knacks and ornaments to add an eclectic charm to your home.

Smart storage

Every home needs storage for books, photo albums and the general clutter we seem to acquire, so why not make your storage part of your décor? Find storage that adds something to the room. This could be because it’s colourful, eye-catching, or just nice to look at. Open box shelves are a great way of making both your storage and your clutter part of your décor, as you can display your books and ornaments attractively whilst still being organised and neat.

Creative chairs

Chairs aren’t just there for practical reasons, they’re also there to look good and add something to a room. So why not do something a little different? Break the rules and opt for dining chairs which don’t match. Contrasting colours, textures and styles make for a really exciting overall look.

Wall-mounted words

We all want our décor to say something, and the easiest way to ensure that is to put the words right there on the wall! Choose a word, phrase, or letters which add to the feeling a room gives off (and ones that have special meaning to you.) This will make sure your home is unlike anyone else’s.

Plenty of pictures

Nearly all of us hang pictures on our walls as part of our décor, but it might be time to think outside the box about how we display them. Go for an unstructured approach. Grouping pictures together, placing them in a corner, hanging them particularly high or low on the wall… these are all great ways of distorting the norm and introducing some avant-garde style into your home.

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