7 ways bookshelves can create beautiful décor

Posted 15 June 2017

Bookshelves aren’t just practical. They could be the touch of class your décor needs to really stand out!

Books have been providing us with escapism and comfort for centuries. From a very young age, we’ve all experienced what it’s like to both enjoy stories and also to embrace books as a possession; something that is tactile and homely. If you want to bring a bit of character and sophistication into your home, why not consider making a feature of those hardbacks you have hidden in a cupboard somewhere.

Let’s take a closer look at some bookshelf ideas that could really make a difference to your décor.

Wonderful wall-to-ceiling shelves

Make your home feel like an elegant library with bookshelves that stretch all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Dedicating an entire wall of a room to bookshelves makes it feel classy and elegant, and the different titles on display make for eye-catching features and fantastic talking points with guests. If you’re an avid reader and a hoarder of literary classics, this is a great way to make room for all your beloved books, too. All too often your favourite reads are out of mind when they are out of sight – so putting them front and centre in your living space will encourage you to pick them up more often rather than reaching for the remote.

Bold box shelves

While wall-to-ceiling shelves are a classic option, box shelves are much more modern and funky. If you like colourful, contemporary style then this might be the option for you. The great thing about box shelves is that you can go for as many or as few as you like — simply stack them up on top of each other in as many different colours as you like.

Luxurious lighted shelves

Sometimes bookshelves can fade into the background, but one way to make sure they get noticed is to use the power of effective lighting! Spotlighting your bookshelves creates a more dramatic atmosphere and will help your shelves stand out from the rest of the room. Get creative and be deliberate in your choice of where the light falls — maybe on your favourite reads? Or somewhere that casts an interesting shadow? This is eclectic luxury at its simplest.

Remarkable room dividers

Using bookshelves as room dividers is becoming increasingly popular in open-plan homes. Bookshelves help to create the illusion of separate spaces without limiting light or boxing off areas entirely. To make the most of the light, try leaving a few areas on the bookshelves empty and experimenting with pops of colour with what you do put on there. Metallic bookshelves work particularly well for this décor choice.

Stunning symmetrical shelves

Double the power of your bookshelves by using symmetry to create an even more dynamic effect. The closer the shelves are, the more obvious and effective this décor technique is, so try flanking a doorframe with identical shelves. You can combine ideas from this list and make these shelves stretch from floor to ceiling to really catch people’s eye, or choose box shelves and arrange them symmetrically in terms of position and colour.

Daring double-sided shelves

Get the notion out of your head that bookshelves automatically have to go against a wall. Instead, position your bookshelves in the middle of the room for an effective library-esque feel. Just make sure you avoid having the back of a bookshelf on display by opting for a double-sided design, or by placing two of the same shelves back to back. Double-sided bookshelves create a full, 360-degree browsing experience that will definitely help your interior design to feel that little bit more unique.

“Not just for books” shelves!

Despite the name, bookshelves aren’t just for books. The most striking and stunning bookshelves are home to a mixture of objects from books to artworks to knick-knacks. So, what are you waiting for? Fill your shelves up with all your favourite things! Love the idea of a light, open-plan new build in which to express yourself?

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