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The Science Behind Photovoltaics

Posted 18 February 2017

  We’ve all heard of solar panels in 2017. But while most of us know that these eco-friendly tools turn th ...

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How to Save Energy Over Winter

Posted 14 January 2017

High energy bills are one thing that many householders have come to accept during the autumn and winter months. However, ...

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A (Nearly) Zero Waste Guide to Christmas

Posted 18 December 2016

The Christmas period is one time of year when everyone is a little overindulgent. But overeating and enjoying your favou ...

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5 ways to avoid waste in the home

Posted 14 October 2016

Sustainability and conservation of the environment have quite rightly become headline news in recent years. But curbing ...

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The many benefits of fitting a wood-burner in the home

Posted 31 August 2016

You may have noticed that free-standing wood burning stoves are appearing in a growing number of UK homes. In fact, thei ...

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5 ways country living can promote wellbeing

Posted 11 August 2016

If you are looking to move house, you might want to consider moving out to the country. Even if you’ve been a city ...

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How to cut down on energy usage in your home this summer

Posted 22 July 2016

During the warmer summer months when the days are longer and the light lingers until late in the evening, energy usage i ...

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How to create an eco-garden

Posted 03 July 2016

Owning a quintessential English garden with a lawn and flowerbeds is great for the environment. But with a little care a ...

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7 Ways To Make Your Home Greener

Posted 19 June 2016

Green is better. There’s no two ways about it, the need to look after our planet and our energy bills means that h ...

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How much energy are you actually using in the home?

Posted 15 April 2016

Energy bills arriving on the doormat are an unavoidable part of life no matter where you live. Whether your home is part ...

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Why 2016 is the year to go green

Posted 18 February 2016

It's not always easy being green in your own home. But as climate change becomes a more clear and present danger to ...

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The must-have eco gadgets for your home this year

Posted 08 January 2016

Technology continues to advance at a breathless pace, filling the everyday with incredible ingenuity. But what shou ...

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Solar Panels: The Future of Renewables

Posted 03 November 2015

This summer it was announced that the world’s leading industrial nations would commit to ‘decarbonising the ...

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The joys of energy efficient living

Posted 01 September 2015

The cost of heating and powering the home is a constant concern for the modern family. Fluctuating energy prices, confus ...

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What does it take to achieve an A energy rating?

Posted 31 August 2015

Each time a home in the UK is built, sold or rented, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is required. The home recei ...

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What Swedish living could mean for you

Posted 30 August 2015

Swedish living is about simplicity and elegance; contemporary spaces that flow easily, utilising natural materials and b ...

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