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The colours in your house can alter its value

Posted 19 July 2017

New statistics show that colour can play a significant role in determining how much your home is worth on the housing ma ...

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5 genius ways to improve your open plan living area

Posted 10 July 2017

How can you make the most of a bright open living area this summer? If you’re lucky enough to have an open plan ...

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8 ‘out there’ ways to decorate your home

Posted 21 June 2017

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries!  We all want to feel proud of our homes, and for them to look nice ...

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7 ways bookshelves can create beautiful décor

Posted 15 June 2017

Bookshelves aren’t just practical. They could be the touch of class your décor needs to really stand out! ...

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How to hang artwork to make your guests go wow!

Posted 06 June 2017

Art can improve any home’s décor, so how can you display it with maximum impact? No room is complete wit ...

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The biggest décor trends for summer 2017

Posted 15 May 2017

  Summer is just around the corner, so what can you do to prepare your home for the coming season? Summer is ...

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10 simple ways to beautify your garden

Posted 10 May 2017

The way you present your garden is just as important as your interior décor, so how can you turn your garden into ...

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Why lighting is key to good décor

Posted 18 April 2017

Here’s how you can add bright lights and sparkle to your home with confidence... It’s been a long time si ...

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Can the right décor really put you in a better frame of mind?

Posted 10 April 2017

It’s true. Decorating your room in the right way won’t just look good, it can also influence your happiness ...

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Ditch the gym and make a home gym instead

Posted 22 March 2017

Here’s how not going to the gym can make you fitter… you’re welcome! Cast your mind back to the 1s ...

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Everything you need to know for the perfect spring clean

Posted 15 March 2017

It’s that time of year again where we all want to give our homes a good sorting out. We take a look at some of the ...

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5 Tips for Fully Utilising Your Utility

Posted 24 February 2017

The utility room is the unsung hero of the home. The curse of the utility room seems to be that it gets resigned to a me ...

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Weekend Plans that Don’t Involve Leaving the House

Posted 15 February 2017

  Winter is the one time of year where having a few lazy days at the weekend isn’t something to be ashamed ...

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Keep a Calmer House in 2017

Posted 31 January 2017

  Everyone wants to live a peaceful and more tranquil life. Life after all is chaotic at the best of times: work ...

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New year; new decor trends

Posted 03 January 2017

With 2016 now behind us and (hopefully) an end to a year of doom and gloom, it’s time for a fresh start in 2017. A ...

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The Minimalist’s Guide to the Festive Season

Posted 22 December 2016

According to a recent study by RetailMeNot, the average UK household is expected to spend just over £473 on gifts ...

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How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

Posted 05 December 2016

A recent project undertaken by more than 50 UK wildlife organisations has shown that more than half of all wildlife spec ...

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How to bring the Danish art of hygge into your living space

Posted 02 December 2016

Hygge is a Danish concept that has gained popularity on this side of the North Sea in the last 12 months and promises to ...

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A beginner’s guide to fragrances for the home

Posted 30 November 2016

As autumn ticks over into winter, it’s likely that the cold weather will see us spending a lot more time indoors. ...

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Top 5 eco-friendly kitchen changes

Posted 20 October 2016

Every year, the so-called “Bake Off Effect” sees sales of certain kitchen appliances soar, just in time for ...

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Have you got too much furniture in your home?

Posted 28 September 2016

Once upon a time, having it all was a sought-after status symbol. Now, interior designers will often tell you that less ...

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5 Scandi tips to cosy up your home this autumn

Posted 16 September 2016

The air is getting crisper, the days are getting shorter and the leaves are changing colour. There’s no mistaking ...

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5 places you should consider putting houseplants in your home

Posted 09 September 2016

Houseplants are one of the biggest trends in interior decorating right now. As minimalism and Scandinavian design seem n ...

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Why Scandinavian design is perfect for family living

Posted 26 August 2016

For many people, “Scandinavian design” conjures up mental images of minimalist, pristine interiors. But what ...

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Why you should love kitchen rugs

Posted 29 July 2016

Kitchen rugs are no longer things of nightmares. In fact, they have actually becoming rather common in modern day kitche ...

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5 throwback appliances every home should have

Posted 15 July 2016

It can be tempting to splash out on new appliances in the home. But after the initial thrill of using a new cold-press j ...

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Inspirational ideas for decorating your play room

Posted 04 July 2016

For those who prefer muted tones and minimalist interiors, or for the more daring designers who love to explore with col ...

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Sometimes it looks good to break the rules when decorating your home

Posted 27 May 2016

We all have an idea of what we think the inside of our house should look like. We take inspiration from magazines, telev ...

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A study in concentration

Posted 22 May 2016

Working from home offers professionals the ultimate in job flexibility. In the 20th century the idea of waking up, rolli ...

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5 essential items every modern home needs to promote wellbeing

Posted 13 May 2016

Minimalism and open plan rooms are known to be able to help calm the mind through uncluttered living, with blank walls, ...

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Minimalism For Your Home: 5 easy steps

Posted 06 May 2016

Trivselhus hails from Sweden, so we love a beautifully clean, spacious, minimalist design. But there are plenty of benef ...

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How kitchens have changed over the decades

Posted 29 April 2016

The kitchen. It's the hub of the home, the engine room where stomachs are filled and the family top up on energy for ...

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Top tips for outdoor entertaining this spring

Posted 17 March 2016

Winter is thankfully drawing to a close and the cold, dark months will soon become a distant memory. With the first hint ...

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Why it’s time to get switched on to the benefits of an induction hob?

Posted 01 March 2016

For years, gas hobs have been king of the kitchen. Traditional electric and halogen hobs may have found a place in thous ...

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Going open-plan? Here's what you need to know

Posted 12 February 2016

The more cluttered and compartmentalised the modern lifestyle becomes, the more open-plan living seems to grow in appeal ...

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A beginner's guide to lighting in the home

Posted 30 January 2016

Once upon a time all we had to light the home were candles – an inefficient and troublesome way to shed rays into ...

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Interior design trends for 2016

Posted 01 January 2016

A New Year brings with it a new style and a raft of new trends. This week we are sharing what to look out for in 2016 an ...

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